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Blog Entry Posted on May 1st, 2014



Neal Howard: Hello, you’re listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host Neal Howard. Thank you so much for joining us today. Have you ever asked yourself, why do people do the things that they do? Many of these things that we find ourselves doing are sometimes things that we would rather not be doing or be involved in, yet we can’t seem to shake ourselves of what we might call a bad habit.

Our guest in studio today, Mr. W. Dennis Parker, certified hypnotherapist registered with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, has been that way since 1991, also the author or Spiritual Mind Management. He’s here with us today to tell us that some of these things that are limiting us, basically holding us back from being all that we can be can, be eliminated quite simply. How are you doing today, Dennis?

W. Dennis Parker: I’m fine. Thank you. Thanks for having me on.

Neal: Thanks for coming back. As the author of Spiritual Mind Management, you talk about protocols that can help us all to improve our lives physically, improve our lives mentally, and basically put ourselves in position to enjoy life rather than being limited or basically a prisoner to stress, pain or many of the negative beliefs that hold us back. Could you speak a bit to that?

Dennis: I can. James 1:8 says, “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.” And we believe that instability is that at a conscious level we have one set of thoughts or beliefs. Consciously, we all know that we ought to eat better, sleep longer, exercise more. We all get it at a conscious level. We know what we got to be doing. The disconnect is in the incongruent thoughts and beliefs at a subconscious level. So if we have disconnected or incongruent thinking at a subconscious level, as opposed to what our conscious thoughts are, that sets up opposing forces within us, because now we know we want to move forward but we’re inhibited. We know we want to achieve this goal but we procrastinate.

And so what happens is that in these thought processes that we teach and these mental skills that we teach, in both the book, Spiritual Mind Management, and in my school, in the Certified Hypnotherapy Training School, we teach people how to access the subconscious mind at a level that they can actually go in and challenge and change incongruent – we call it “stinkin’ thinkin’” – at the subconscious level, and align those thoughts now with the same goals and ideas that we have consciously.

So now, instead of having double-mindedness, we now become single-minded, so to speak. And in a single-minded state, now people move forward towards their goals without fears, without hesitations, and without inhibitions, without procrastination. And now they go out and accomplish great things, and they do it at a much more rapid rate than they ever thought possible, because they’re not holding themselves back at a subconscious level any longer.

Neal: I talk to healthcare professionals pretty much on a daily basis, and I was speaking with someone several days ago. We were discussing the topic of ADD, attention deficit disorder. And he suggested that maybe it wasn’t an attention deficit, but an attention abundance disorder. Now, when you’re talking about being double-minded … I mean, there are so many stimuli that we’re being bombarded with on a daily basis.

Now, it seems to me that what you’re talking about is turning off, for lack of a better term, the noise, and becoming better in tuned with what’s actually going on within yourself, within your own mind. How do you train someone or how did you train yourself to turn off all of the noise that basically fosters many of these negative thoughts and habits?

Dennis: That’s a great question, Neal, and I’m glad you asked that, because it will stimulate some thought here. That noise, as you’re calling it, in the book and what I do, I call that “mind chatter,” all of those subconscious thoughts and scripts that we have rolling around down there in our subconscious mind, that it is driving our behaviors and so on. See, the beauty about what we do in hypnosis, pondering, and trans, however you want to word that – I say those are synonymous terms for me. But it gives us access to those subconscious thoughts that is the noise that’s going on at that level.

And I agree with you, in my world and it’s even in the book, ADD, and I totally agree with what you just said, is an over-stimulated subconscious imagination in these kids and adults that drives a lot of ab reactions. So when you talk about people … if you say something … and you’ll see people twiddling their fingers or they’re bouncing their leg or they are doing other bodily movements that really are relieving electrical energy, if you will, emotions out of the brain … the brain is a big electrical center, and thoughts are electric energy. They are things. So if we have a thought, it generates electricity in the brain.

What I’d like to say is that the amplifier of the thought, like the amplifier on a speaker or a guitar or something, the amplifier of the thought in the brain is the imagination. So you can amplify that thought from 0 to 2,500 times, and you can amp up a lot of electrical content in the brain that we call emotions or feelings. Those emotions or feelings are actually at a frequency.

Now, that frequency, one frequency we’ve learned to identify is hate. Another frequency we’ve learned to identify is love. That kind of thing. All that electrical energy now has to be dumped off and dissipated down through the central nervous system and released into the body. A person who has a lot of those kinds of thoughts going on and is continually generating a lot of that mind chatter, which comes out in the form of this electrical energy, is having that electrical energy dumped off into their body and causing all kinds of jerks, ab reactions, legs bounce, fingers twitch, heads move, laughter, so on.

And what I find is that when we work with children and we help them to shut down that mind chatter, actually help them dissipate that electrical energy out of their imaginations and their memories, their bodies go calm, they can fixate and focus outside of their subconscious mind, bring them back to full consciousness, which we call, we dehypnotize them. So we dehypnotize those people and those children to where they can come to full consciousness.

Now, in full consciousness, they don’t have any overactivity. They don’t have all this bouncing around, and their bodies and their minds are calm and clear. They can fixate and focus on their lessons in school, in church and so on, and they’re not feeling all of that angst about what they’re doing.

Neal: Now, I heard you mention “spiritual” and your book is titled Spiritual Mind Management. Now, in listening to you describe your techniques, your protocols, it doesn’t sounds mystical. It doesn’t sound religious, as it were, although the techniques, the phrases, chant, trance, they do want to think about Eastern medicine or Chinese traditional medicine, things of that nature. Now, when we’re talking about your techniques, what type of reception do you get when you’re describing your techniques to someone that is normally involved in what we term as traditional or Western methods of mental healing?

Dennis: The difference in what I do is that we take a lot of time with the clients. So I mean, most of my sessions are an hour and a half to two hours, and what I’m doing is we’re literally going in and attempting to correct thinking errors. So again, we know that they have this thought process at the conscious level that they want to align their subconscious thinking with, but we have this thinking errors at the subconscious level that again are creating opposing forces within the individual that is not allowing them to move forward.

So it takes time to do that, and so, a session is an hour and a half to two hours. But we can correct a lot of thinking errors in that amount of time, and as this person becomes more aligned in their thought processes, then all of the unwanted emotions and that unwanted electrical content that we talked about dissipates, collapses, is shut off. So now they no longer feel out of sorts for themselves. The best way to explain it might be: Neal, if you get up in the morning and you feel all grumpy, grouchy and irritable, how do you behave?

Neal: I behave grumpy, grouchily, and irritably.

Dennis: Right. So what happens is that that grumpy, grouchy and irritable behavior is coming out of grumpy, grouchy and irritable emotions. Those grumpy, grouchy and irritable emotions are coming out of a memory of an experience from the day before or just recently, and being amplified in their imagination, from their thought processes.

So if you can go in and actually challenge and change and shut down that thought process, which you can through trans access to the thought or hypnosis thought to the thought, once you challenge and change that thought appropriately and completely, now you’ve desensitized the imagination. You’ve altered the perception of the memories, therefore now you’ve collapsed the emotions. So you no longer feel grumpy, grouchy and irritable, so now how do you behave? Differently.

Neal: Differently. But my question is when you’re discussing the benefits of your healing modalities, what type of reception, in your experience, have you received from members of traditional medicine?

Dennis: I get all kinds of reactions, just like you would think. Because a lot of the things that I teach are things that I’ve learned through observation over 25 years of doing it. And the science behind what I’m talking about has not been fully done yet. And so a lot of the scientific community want to challenge some thoughts and so on. But there are people that are coming on board with it to a great degree.

For example, Dr. Debbie Cruz from Arizona State University – I work with her off and on, and we work with professional collegiate athletes and so on with these processes. Dr. Dan Kaufmann [sp] from University of Utah and the migraine pain clinic there is now starting to utilize some of these things, and just went through our school, those kinds of things. So there are people out there who are gravitating to this and are finding the benefit of it, and finding out that what I’m actually saying when used correctly is true.

That people can control their thought processes in a way that eliminates unwanted emotions and old feelings, which now alters their behavior, because now they don’t feel negative or grumpy, grouchy, irritable. Their behavior is automatically changed to new, more positive, appropriate behaviors.

Neal: As we wrap up this segment, the title of your book, Spiritual Mind Management – I’d like to ask a question that could delve into a little bit of controversy. Do your techniques require a religious or spiritual belief, and if so, if whether they do or not, do they ever require a shattering of someone’s belief as you gain access to that space between the conscious and the subconscious?

Dennis: Not as far as their religious belief and what they believe God to be like or what their God is or those kinds of things. I’ve never found anybody that disagrees with the basic premise of what I’m talking about here, that everybody has a spiritual mind. We know that something leaves us when we die. We know there’s part of us in us that animates us as human beings. And when that part of us that animates us as human beings leaves, we call that death, and the body is no longer animated.

So I’ve never had anybody disagree with that premise, and if there’s something in the body that animates us, then there’s also something in our … we call that our spirit generally. I call that our spirits in our body. And so if we have our spirit, then our spirit must have a mind that actually is directing the brain, because the brain isn’t the spirit. The brain is the main organism in the body that drives the body.

So what we’re proposing is that our spiritual mind drives the brain, and then the brain drives the body for these improvements. So we’re learning how to work with our spiritual mind that actually causes improvements within those processes that now affect the body. And how do we know we get those effects from the body? Because people shut down pain. They shut down allergies. They improve their physical health. They shut down allergies.

We teach people how to use their spiritual mind and adjust the brain, is the only way I can say it to you, through these electrical energy frequencies that are generated through thoughts, and they receive all kinds of healing benefits that I’ve observed for 25 years. And we’ll just have to wait until science kind of catches up to what’s actually going on in that process, because clients get to experience the benefits of it every day.

Neal: All right. So if I’m hearing you correctly, and I do believe I am, a client doesn’t have to worry about their basic beliefs in self or in how the cosmos operates in order to benefit from your scientific methods of basically dealing with the organ that generates thought and not what animates the body. So that fear of their belief system being tampered with would never be a factor as far as coming to the Certified Hypnotherapy Training school, yeah?

Dennis: No, not at all. I mean the very fact that we’re human beings, we all function basically the same. On the outside we all look different, but that’s why doctors know where to go to find your heart, right?

Neal: Absolutely. [laughs]

Dennis: It’s kind of like this – I mean, on the inside, in our spiritual mind and what we teach people, our spiritual mind on the inside all functions the same, and so people are getting the same results. And it’s not about religious beliefs or anything like that. It’s about being human.

Neal: Great. You’ve been listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host Neal Howard. We’re in the studio today talking with W. Dennis Parker, certified hypnotherapist and trainer at the Certified Hypnotherapy Training School in the State of Utah. We’ve been here talking today about how we can get rid of limiting thoughts and self doubt, and begin to enjoy life the way that we were meant to and probably deserve to. It’s been great having you here with us today, Dennis.

Dennis: Thank you very much. Thanks for having me.

Neal: Thanks. Transcripts of this program are available at and also at

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