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Screen Obsession Webinar -

In-Person & Online

Screen Obsession

Webinar - In Person & Online

Blog Entry Posted on November 20th 2018

You will enjoy knowing these Powerful & Freeing Positive Mind Management Services Skills & Tools for emotional & behavioral control! These courses are taught from a family value & spiritual base & will include scriptural references for additional insights, wisdom & understanding.

Event Info:

When: December 8th, 2018

Where: Positive Mind Management Services- 1980 North 2000 West, Suite 100, Farr West, Utah 84404

Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Price: Regular $179.00 - Holiday Introductory Special! $49.00!

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You will enjoy knowing these Powerful & Freeing Positive Mind Management Services Skills & Tools for emotional & behavioral control! These courses are taught from a family value & spiritual base & will include scriptural references for additional insights, wisdom & understanding.

  • - Are Your Family Members Wasting Precious Time?
  • - Is Your Home in Chaos from It, Way to Often?
  • - This is a call out to all Protectors and Nurturers of the home.
  • - Is "get off that game/tablet..." a common battle in your home?
  • - Do you find your home being over run by electronics, video games and downloads?
  • - Do you find your children/teenagers acting out and feeling desperate when these things are limited or taken away?
  • - Are your children/teenagers behaviors changing because of these distractions?
  • - Do you feel stuck, trapped or powerless with electronics/games your children are playing?

About Dennis Approach

Dennis Parker, Owner & creator of Positive Mind Management is empowering parents everywhere to protect & nurture their children through the epidemic of "gaming" & the device obsession. Positive Mind Management isn't about taking away from what your children love. It's about empowering them to have Positive Mind Management skills so they can choose for themselves positive behaviors.

Parents are learning how to honor their children's power of choice through Positive Mind Management strategies & empowering themselves to protect & nurture their homes. This is to assist parents with new skills & tools to help their families.

Imagine a home where you have peace of mind about the electronic/game choices your children are making. With these new skills & tools it will set your home free from this gaming/electronic epidemic.

Come with an open mind & be ready to learn these new mental skills & tools of Positive Mind Management!

Webinars - Seminars & Workshops- Taught from concepts & principles also found in Christian backgrounds & understandings!

The reason we teach from this basis is that this is all about our spirits mind, which is the part of us that thinks, & overcoming 'thinking errors' housed in our spirits mind. It is our spirits mind that thinks & then these thoughts are neurological frequencies generated in the brain. The brain is the body part that connects the mind of our spirit to the physical body, & then the brain operates as the frequency center controlling the body electric, or immune system energy as we like to call it.

What you will learn here at CHTS is the ultimate in energy work, as you learn to assist yourself & others manage our minds belief system thoughts at both conscious & subconscious levels, you are controlling energetic frequencies . Thoughts are frequencies in the brain, and the energy generated by these thoughts are what is identified as emotions, emotions are the immune system frequencies that either promote positive healing, or negative energies knocking the normal immune frequencies off regular healthy frequencies & creating dis-ease or disease. When you learn to assist your clients cleanse their negative thoughts, you are re-setting compromised immune frequencies back into frequency states of health & healing.

I present hypnosis & hypnotherapy when done correctly from my view point as pondering &meditation as taught in the Bible. I teach this information from a Christian background of Bible information & additional teachings & scriptures of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Most everyone who learns & utilizes these new Positive Mind Management unique processes as enhanced emotional skills & tools, understanding them from this spiritual perspective, quickly overcome their problem. They are enlighten with this information in ways that are self-empowering.

We call it learning from the inside-out. If you feel inclined to study more of what you are being taught here, then maybe this is part of your path of self-improvement & healing as well. You will find joy & happiness in these trainings & you will want to then assist others, because these processes really work!

These courses are taught from a family value & spiritual base & will include scriptural references for additional insights, wisdom, & understanding.


Online or In-Person

So to re-cap, you can attend the LIVE In-Classroom Training Courses & Case Study Sessions either IN-PERSON at the School in Farr West, Utah or 100% ONLINE from anywhere in the world that you have internet access with our FULLY Interactive, State of the Art, Live Class Broadcast System!

If your traveling in from out of state, CHTS is conveniently located just 15 minutes from the Ogden Airport & just 45 minutes from SLC International Airport. ​Plus we have MANY amazing Hotels & Restaurants that are all within a 20 minute drive from the School - making In-Person Class Attendance Extremely EASY & CONVENIENT.

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A Note From Taylor...

Hello! I am truly honored & thrilled that you're Interested in learning more about me & the Advanced Mental & Emotional Skills & Tools of Positive Mind Management Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy which I specialize in. I have personally benefited greatly from this as well as helped many of people change their lives & improve their families by teaching them how to apply these Powerful Techniques. 


Taylor Kennington
Registered with ACHE,  PMMCC Hypnotherapy & The PMMCC Hypnotherapists Guild
Taylor Kennington is a noted Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist registered with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE), Positive Mind Management Certified Clinical (PMMCC) Hypnotherapy & the Positive Mind Management Certified Clinical  (PMMCC) Hypnotherapists Guild.  

Taylor is trained in Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis, Suggestion Hypnotherapy & Positive Mind Management Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy & the Protocols of Adversarial Resistance - these Advanced Mental & Emotional Protocols, Skills, Tools & Techniques are taught exclusively at the Certified Hypnotherapy Training School by Developer, Owner, CEO, Instructor & School Operator W. Dennis Parker.  For Taylor's Full Bio Click Here.  

2021 Live Course

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