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Birthing the PMMCC Hypno-Way: Painless Child Birthing & Postpartum Management

Birthing the Hypno-Way: Painless Child Birthing & Postpartum Management

Blog Entry Posted on May 2nd 2018

You can attend these classes individually by the subject or as a series both online or in person.

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Call at: (801) 882-8189

  • -2018 June 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th

Times: 6:30 - 7:30 - Plus Q & A

  • -2018 August 9th, 16th, 23rd, & 30th

Times: 6:30 - 7:30 - Plus Q & A

  • -2018 October 5th, 12th, 19th, & 26th

Times: 6:30 - 7:30 - Plus Q & A

Instructor: Emma Smoot CHT & PMMCC Hypnotherapist Questions? Contact Emma at (801) 791-8829.

Event Info:

1st Session: Group

  • -Intro to hypnosis
  • -How Hypnosis is utilized for pain control
  • -Mind Management Principles
  • -Developing the Right Motivations
  • -The Benefits for Your Baby & Yourself - These are new life skills that will help you always.
  • -Develop Positive Self-Talk & the Importance of Self Directed Affirmations & Auto-Suggestions
  • -Initial Hypnosis experience in trance
  • -Live demo - surgery video
  • -Q&A
  • -Practice! Practice! Practice!


All four sessions:

  • One person $179.00
  • Couple $220.00

A session at a time:

  • One person $49.00
  • Couple $59.00

2nd Session: Group

  • -Q & A for First Session - Reinforce Concepts
  • -Lesson on how fear affects labor- fight or flight
  • -Additional Mind Management principles
  • -Practice as a group with scripts going in an out of trance again & again
  • -Teach how to numb certain parts of their bodies - female organs
  • -Q&A
  • -Practice! Practice! Practice!
  • -Schedule individual sessions with those wanting additional assistance.

3rd Session: Group

  • -Clinical Hypnotherapy protocol practice working on fears, especially surrounding birth
  • -Practice Self-Hypnosis skills with individual coaching as needed
  • -Q&A
  • -Practice! Practice! Practice!
  • -Schedule individual sessions with those wanting additional assistance.

4th Session: Group

  • -Review of all techniques & protocols
  • -Postpartum - In-Depth Discussion & how to manage it with Positive Mind Management
  • -Q&A
  • -Schedule individual sessions with those wanting additional assistance.

The Emma Smoot Story: Birthing the Hypno-Way

My name is Emma Smoot & I grew up in Eden Utah. My family moved to Roberts Montana when I was 15, we enjoyed living in a tiny community with a post office, school & a bar. I loved learning to ride horses, competing in 4-H shows, taking care of our cows & just enjoying the big sky. While growing up I developed certain behaviors that caused a lot of discomfort. I was extremely anxious in school & about life in general moving to Montana tested this weakness, my mom sometimes didn’t know what to do with me & occasionally had me visit with a family friend who was a therapist. I enjoyed our conversations & learned a lot, but the problems still lingered. Going to college pushed the anxiety even further & there were times it was hard to eat food because my stomach was so unsettled that food didn’t even sound good to me. In all the anxiety I felt I would call home daily & just seek comfort from my family, I felt it about succeeding in school, being separated from my family, marriage & much more. Life continued & I basically became comfortable being uncomfortable. I had lived my life in such a way for so long I thought it was normal. I met my husband in college & after dating we eventually got married.

These anxious behaviors continued & luckily, I had a great spouse who loved me anyways. I got pregnant months after we were married, & little did I know the challenges ahead would be a crucial part in my life changing experience. My first introduction to hypnosis was in one of my college classes. I was terrified of birth at first. My conversations with others, about birth, always seemed to be negative. I knew there was something better. I wanted to have a peaceful calm birth. Finally, in class one day, I overheard a lady talking about hypnobirthing & she could not stop talking about how amazing & peaceful it was. I started asking her questions & she told me she had taken a hypnobirthing class, from a nurse at the hospital. When I took the class for myself I learned a little about hypnosis & how powerful these natural states of mind can be. I practiced a lot, spending time daily practicing going to different levels of hypnosis. I was able to have my baby completely in peace without any drugs. I labored for about 8 hours in complete silence taking deep breaths & using hypnosis to experience natural analgesia, meaning there is a sense of pressure but not intense pain. My nurse came in, as I was about to deliver the baby. When the pressure was at its peak she looked at me, in my silence, & said to my husband, "I have been a labor & delivery nurse for 10 years & I have never seen anything like this." The experience was one I will never forget the doctors & nurses were amazed & I knew the knowledge I had gained was special. I had no idea how this knowledge would affect me years later.

After having my first baby I struggled with, as you can probably guess, anxiety & postpartum. Months went by of extreme confusion, anxiety, & just feeling like I wasn’t myself. I felt as if I was seeing my life through a fog & it was the hardest experience of my life. The extreme anxiety got a little better as our son got older but still lingered. I got pregnant again & I had our second baby the same peaceful way using hypnosis. This labor & delivery was even quicker & more peaceful than the first. I showed up to the birth center after my water broke & they sent me home because I had only dilated to a three. We left for a couple of hours & the labor progressed quickly. I have no doubt in my mind it was due to how relaxed I was during labor. I called the midwife back & because it was the middle of the night, I only labored for a few more hours, & because of how peaceful & calm I was I could see a little frustration on her face. I don’t know what she was thinking exactly but I would guess she was thinking I had brought her back for nothing. They asked me to sit down & lay back, so they could check & see how far I had “progressed” but too her surprise the baby’s head was there! Our little girl came a few minutes later. I had similar awe & praise from my second birth but still after the birth the extreme anxiety hit me.

I hit the point in my life that the pain of staying the same far outweighed the pain of making a change & I decided I was going to find help. I knew there was such a thing as Hypnotherapy, so I found the closest hypnotherapist, luckily one trained by Dennis, & over a few months of meeting on a weekly basis my life changed forever. Through hard work this emotional, anxious, wreck of a girl became more confident, peaceful, clam, & happy. After going through this life changing experience, learning about hypnosis & how to manage my mind consciously, I decided I had to know more. I became a certified clinical hypnotherapist and began assisting others in experiencing this incredible peace of mind & clarity of thought. I have experienced the amazing results that come from using hypnosis in birth also how to use that same knowledge in overcoming some of my biggest weaknesses. My goal is to assist expecting mothers in preparing to have their baby naturally in a way they never thought possible. Along with helping them through any emotional trials they face before or after having their baby, teaching them tools that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.


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A Note From Taylor...

Hello! I am truly honored & thrilled that you're Interested in learning more about me & the Advanced Mental & Emotional Skills & Tools of Positive Mind Management Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy which I specialize in. I have personally benefited greatly from this as well as helped many of people change their lives & improve their families by teaching them how to apply these Powerful Techniques. 


Taylor Kennington
Registered with ACHE,  PMMCC Hypnotherapy & The PMMCC Hypnotherapists Guild
Taylor Kennington is a noted Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist registered with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE), Positive Mind Management Certified Clinical (PMMCC) Hypnotherapy & the Positive Mind Management Certified Clinical  (PMMCC) Hypnotherapists Guild.  

Taylor is trained in Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis, Suggestion Hypnotherapy & Positive Mind Management Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy & the Protocols of Adversarial Resistance - these Advanced Mental & Emotional Protocols, Skills, Tools & Techniques are taught exclusively at the Certified Hypnotherapy Training School by Developer, Owner, CEO, Instructor & School Operator W. Dennis Parker.  For Taylor's Full Bio Click Here.  

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