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B3: PMMCC Hypnotherapy


Blog Entry Posted on May 1st, 2014

Health Professional Radio with host, Neil Howard & guest, W. Dennis Parker

Neal Howard: Hello. You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host, Neal Howard, glad that you decided to join us today.

Our guest in studio today is W. Dennis Parker, a certified hypnotherapist and author of Spiritual Mind Management, a book in which he outlines several of his techniques for improving our mind, thereby improving our health and all around well-being.

How are you doing today, Dennis?

Dennis Parker: Fine, thank you.

Neal: Glad you could return and speak a little bit more about your area of expertise, being a certified hypnotherapy trainer. You train others to do some of the things that you do, as far as breaking habits, managing pain, managing self-image, a number of other life-improving techniques.

Could we talk a little bit about where you … you do your training at the Certified Hypnotherapy Training School.

Dennis: Yes. We are attached to the Advanced Health Clinic in Farmington, Utah, where I work as the Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. I work there in conjunction with other doctors and medical providers, as well as alternative healing modalities – massage therapy, and nutritionists, and so on. I’m there as a clinical hypnotherapist.

I get to practice on a regular basis the very techniques that I also teach in the school. In the school, we have students come from all over the country. We’re an online school as well as a live school in Farmington, Utah. We actually broadcast the classes live over the internet, while we’re actually teaching there, from Farmington, Utah.

Neal: You’ve been on this path for the last 23 years or more. What was it that piqued your interest in spiritual mind management or mind management in the first place?

Dennis: What happened to me was that about 25 years ago, I was struggling in life, and I had become what I call and describe as an “angerholic.” My personal story is on the school website. If you go to the “Meet our Team Group,” go down to my tab, and then down at the bottom of my tab, there’s another tab that says, “How Dennis became a hypnotherapist,” and it’s a fairly lengthy story.

But it talks about how I had developed anger-a-holic rage, if you will. It didn’t hardly take anything to set me off at that time. I was having personal problems and not doing so well, because I was in sales and sales management at that time, and I found that being an angry salesman just was not … wasn’t …

[crosstalk, laughter]

Neal: Not a lot of sales there, yeah?

Dennis: Yeah, it didn’t help me out. What happened was, I started to seek help, and somebody had recommended a hypnotherapist to me. And at first, I’d laugh and thought, “That’s goofy. I’m not going to go be hypnotized, have somebody have me quack like a duck or …” you know, the silly notions that are still out there, and based on the way stage hypnosis portrays things to make a stage show entertaining.

But what happened was … because I went to this hypnotherapist, and she was very skilled, and helped me understand what was buried in my subconscious mind that I had no idea, at a conscious level, what was driving my behavior.

Neal: Okay.

Dennis: So what we find is that, hypnosis, if you will, allows access through the critical factor filter, which is the barrier between the two minds. Once you have access to the subconscious mind, now you can go down and find out what are those things that are bothering you, and holding you back the most.

If I were to ask you right now and I said, “Neal, what’s that thing in life, what’s that experience you’ve had that’s still holding you back, binding you down, and keeping you from being all you want to be?”

Consciously, you may not be able to tell me, because you buried that years ago with amnesia and denial. But in the right level of trance – and we talk about six trance levels that people can read about on my website – actually, we have a video there that talks about these, at the website. The first page, there are some educational videos that will tell you all about the six levels of trance.

On the fourth level down, if I were to ask you that same question and I had you in that level of trance – I would ask you that same question, “What is it that’s still holding you back, binding you down, and keeping you from being all you want to be?”

In that level of trance, your heart, mind, spirit, your spiritual mind as we call it, it knows what that is. We’re able to break through those amnesia and denial barriers, and actually have that information pop up.

Neal: So now, even if I have forgotten, though, as you say, denial and pushing it down, even I genuinely have forgotten, it can be accessed through this technique, and be brought up, just as if I remembered it from yesterday.

Dennis: Exactly, and that’s what happened to me. I’m in the chair, and she hypnotizes me, and she prompts me back to this experience, and it ended up being around an experience where, when I was 16 and my sister was 18, she was killed.

Over a period of years, I had continued to build anger around that experience that I didn’t even know was building within me. I found out, you know, I was angry at God. I was angry with this. Why did that happen? Why, you know…

So that anger and rage had been building in me for years and I didn’t even know it. And yet, when I went into this state of pondering and was able to access the subconscious information, it all came out. I was able to vent off that anger. I was able to release it. It totally changed my life.

How I got into this was through that experience. And then, I started to study it, utilize it, and now I teach it and help other people do similar things.

Neal: You’re talking about a life-changing experience that you had forgotten, that was able to be accessed through trance, through one of these six levels of trance. You were skeptical going in, but coming out; you realized that you had come across something extremely beneficial to yourself. Did it prompt you immediately to begin compiling notes or beginning to think about a book? Or is this years and years later that you decided to writeSpiritual Mind Management?

Dennis: What happened was … [laughs] it’s funny you ask that, because what happened was, I went back to this lady and I did six or eight sessions of hypnotherapy, I cleared up all kinds of issues in my life.

Neal: All right.

Dennis: I cleared up childhood issues. I cleared up all kinds of stuff, completely changed my life and my career. I was no longer angry. I was happy. I was able to talk to people. I could never talk to you back then like I am now, because I was too inhibited. I didn’t have the confidence. I was too unsure of myself, those types of things.

But as I got through that experience and life changed, over about a-year-and-a-half period time – and you can read the story sometime if they’d like to. It’s on the website. But I completely changed, and then I decided that I would go to school and learn how to do this.

Over a period of years of actually doing clinical hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy, I learned many new things that … actually, we’ve now developed a number of new hypnotherapy protocols and techniques that are very effective for psychosomatically induced illness, that are effective for shutting down pain, that are effective at shutting down allergies, that are very effective in many, many behavioral modifications and habits. That’s what we’re talking about in the techniques in the book, Spiritual Mind Management. It’s kind of a proprietary thing that I’ve used for a number of years, but I’m old enough now.

I realized it’s time for me to be more public, be open about these things, help as many people as I can, and kind of leave my little legacy in hypnotherapy, whatever that is, by helping others with these new techniques and abilities that really, everybody has. I mean, we all have a spiritual mind. It’s a matter of how do we access it, use it, understand it, and release that deep down potential that we all have that’s been suppressed.

Neal: Before we wrap up, I’d like to ask you to give our listeners another piece of information, as to how we can access your book, a little bit about your website.

Also, I’d like to ask you a question. You said that we all have a spiritual mind. In your training, once you decided to go to school and become certified, and things of that nature, did you realize that there were abilities that you had naturally, that simply, maybe we all have, that just need to be honed, as far as spiritual mind management as it pertains to stress management, pain, weight loss, things of that nature, or simply self-esteem improvement? Or, are these things that actually need to be taught to someone that has no experience or inclination whatsoever?

Dennis: Both. What happens is that we all have a spiritual mind. That is actually how we think and function. Most people have no idea that that’s available to them yet. I learned it back 23 years ago, and I spent the 23 years of doing clinical hypnotherapy developing the techniques with it now, that we now are using as Spiritual Mind Management Hypnotherapy.

Everybody that’s functioning and thinking has a spiritual mind. This information is so powerful. Once they understand it, once they utilize it, and once they learn how to use these new mental skills, so to speak, they can change all kinds of things in themselves, their behaviors, their health, very quickly and very effectively, by shutting down their over-amplified imaginations, altering the perceptions of their previous memories, which now collapses the emotional content that they’re experiencing, which has been driving the negative behaviors.

So those things like … we were just talking about with me and the anger – most all of us have two or three things that we call fixations, is what I call them. My mind was fixated on the death of my sister and all that whole thing. I had no idea I was even doing it at a conscious level, because I had buried it in my subconscious memories and emotions, and so on.

So we have this unwanted emotional content that we want to release, we’d like to be free of, but we don’t know how. That’s what this book will teach you. Also, if somebody wants to come into the school, we teach our students how to help others with those kinds of things.

It’s amazing. It’s just a fascinating and amazing work to do. I love to do what I do. It has totally changed my life, and I enjoy helping other people change theirs.

Neal: Well, when you love doing what you do, it’s never a job.

Dennis: Right.

Neal: You’ve been listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host, Neal Howard.

It’s been a pleasure to talk with W. Dennis Parker today in studio, talking about ways that we can improve our lives, mentally, spiritually, and physically, through hypnotherapy. Dennis is the author of Spiritual Mind Management and also an instructor at Certified Hypnotherapy Training School.

It’s been great having you here with us today, Dennis.

Dennis: Thank you very much.

Neal: Transcripts of this program are available at


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